Preserving Your Coda for Future Generations

  • Compiling your Coda on the app or website is entirely FREE. When it’s time to pass down your Coda to a child who is grown, there are several options available for purchase.
  • First, choose to print your Coda or have it compiled into an eBook.
  • The eBook file can be shared; however, most siblings’ Codas are slightly different from each other. Tickets are entered or omitted based on individual circumstances, preferences, needs and abilities.
  • Hard copy Codas are 3-ring binders that come in either a standard version or an heirloom edition
  • For those who like to get creative, a DIY starter kit comes with the necessary tabs and inserts that can be placed in any standard size 3-ring binder. Purchase your own 3-ring binder at any store and decorate it as you like.
  • Tickets can be added to the hard copy either periodically, or all at once when the Coda is complete.
  • Print tickets yourself at home whenever you like for a small annual subscription fee. If you prefer, have us print your tickets on either standard or premium, acid-free paper. We’ll send your tickets to you on a schedule of your choosing. Printing is priced per page.
  • If technology isn’t your thing, or it’s not available, write out your tickets by hand using the Coda workbook. Simply add paper tickets one at a time to your binder. (Choose from standard, heirloom or DIY options for the binder.)

Items Available for Purchase

Coda Parenting Navigator

2 inch 3-ring binder including tabs, blank tickets, an introduction and how to use section.


Coda Parenting Navigator – Heirloom Edition

Leather-bound, 3 inch 3-ring binder including tabs, blank tickets, an introduction and how to use section. Deluxe packaging.


Coda Workbook

Soft-cover workbook with 150 blank tickets. Pages are perforated and 3-hole-punched for easy removal and addition to either the standard or heirloom edition binder.


DIY Starter-kit

For those who prefer to purchase their own binder and accessorize themselves, the starter kit includes tabs for the years (Pre-baby, Infancy, years 1-21, and “Letting Go.) and 10 blank tickets.


We will compile your Coda into an electronic file.


Subscription Service

Print out your tickets for a subscription fee of $8.99/year. Subscription fees waived if you purchase the Coda Parenting Navigator (standard or heirloom edition.)

Printing Service

Using high-quality, acid-free PermaLife™ paper, we will print out your tickets and send them to you. Printing fees as follows:

  • 45/page for first 50 pages.
  • 40/page for every page over 50.
Standard Heirloom Edition Workbook DIY Starter Kit eBook
Price $35 $75 $15 $10 $25
How it works Purchase book. Add tickets as you go. Purchase book. Add tickets as you go. Write in tickets by hand. Tear off pages and add to a purchased Coda or a DIY 3-ring binder. Includes tabs for ages and 10 blank tickets. Purchase your own 3-ring binder Once the Coda is complete, follow online instructions to create the eBook.
Includes Introduction and "How to Use" sections.
Fill out Tickets online or on mobile app.
Website Upgrade Included (Print Your Own Tickets).
Subscribe to be able to print your own tickets.
Printing Service
Benefits Everything you need to build your Coda. Fill out tickets by hand or print out from website. Deluxe packaging, ideal for gift-giving. Built to last for generations. Can take it anywhere, no internet necessary Customize the appearance of your Coda however you like. Paperless. Easily referenced on phone or computer.

There is also an "Online-Only" version.

Tickets are entered via mobile app or website. All tickets stored online and no hardcopy. It is FREE and the benefit is it's Paperless.